My soul,
You are fire, you burn in my veins
You breathe in my ears
You live in my body
You are life
Your life matters

You are storm 
You are brave
You are devil
You are sweet
You are special
There is no one like you

Your soul shines as bright as the sun,
You don’t feel this shine
You shine

Soul is more than a touch;
It is more than love, friendship or other feelings,
Soul is power

Our bodies are servants of our souls,
Our souls desires.
Naked we listen to them
Our souls are transparent
Our souls are a match

We are living in your silence,
You are coming in the night
My eyes  don’t see you
But my soul is feeling you
You are feelings, not a shadow
You are tangled in my soul

I’m your destination
I was always yours and I didn’t know
We bring out the best in each other

In the silence we meet again, looking at to each other.
In the silence I'm telling you
I’m yours.

Psychologist & Artist, with love from Portugal!